Home Decor

I was feeling rather inspired by Nate Berkus this morning, and I was going to post some photos of decor I liked by him. It’s pretty difficult to search the internet for photos that capture exactly what I like in interior design. I looked around my home and realized I should take pictures of items I love in my home. Our house isn’t any ordinary crap shack, it’s filled with a mixture of antiques, items that look like antiques thanks to Anthropologie and Ethan Allen, and little touches of whimsy.

I just bought some new curtains, they are light yellow with beautiful lavender flowers. My friend Andy sent me the jade elephant from Hawaii. Buddha reminds me to take time to breathe and meditate.


I love my cork board filled with random black and white photos of artists and movies I enjoy. At the Chopra Center in Carlsbad they have the most charming door hangers with a picture of the Buddha and the words “Silence please…I am meditating. Namaste” (btw, Mom is becoming a certified meditation teacher through the Chopra Center)

My twin found this retro style record player. So cute!

Down the stairs we have antique pictures mixed with plants in burlap sacs.

The cabinet those plants are sitting on contains the lovely Waterford glasses.


This chair was given to my dad’s family by Errol Flynn.

The main picture in the house. (Who doesn’t want to have a kiss that passionate?)

My favorite area of the house is our Shabby Chic dining room. The sideboard is white with hand painted flowers. What really ties the room together are the pictures of Victorian ladies given to us by Aunt Doris.


On top of the sideboard is a tea set from Anthropologie, the handles are mermaids and other sea creature related items.

My cat sits on this couch like she is queen of the castle.

Almost every lamp in our house has beads hanging from it. Mom loves shiny objects.

I can’t wait until I have to carry a lunch somewhere in this lunchbox. These are my favorite tea cups because they have birds on them.

A long time ago in Solvang I went into the coolest old bookstore, where I found a 1940s copy of the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, signed by the artist who contributed all the paintings for the book. 

Lastly, there is a massive cabinet in our living room with amazing wood details.

So those are a few pictures of some my favorite items in our home. I’ll have to take some of the outside for another post.


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